Biowen Chaga mushroom extract 400 mg - 40% polysaccharides, 30% beta-glucans - capsules

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Chaga Mushrooms:

  • the product is made from the fruiting bodies of the mushroom,
  • its DER is 25:1,
  • the supplement is enough for 3 months of use,
  • closed in vegan capsules,
  • glass packaging in the spirit of zero waste,
  • net weight: 45 g,
  • 100% nature, supported by BioPerine® extract.

Packaging: 90 capsules


Chaga mushroom extract 400 mg – 40% polysaccharides, 30% beta-glucans – capsules

Chaga is a lesser-known vital mushroom, but it is also worth attention like its more famous relatives. Chaga mushrooms also appear under other names, for example birch fungus. Chaga extract is therefore made from the growth of a tree. This is not your typical mushroom with a leg and a beautiful hat. Chaga mushrooms can be found in northern regions of the world, e.g. in Siberia. It is not very common in Poland (but it is probably not impossible to find for experienced mushroom pickers). We have enclosed the chaga extract in a vegan capsule for your convenience. 

This product is high-quality chaga, the extract is standardized to 40% polysaccharides, including as much as 30% valuable beta-glucans! Additionally, it has been strengthened with a patented black pepper fruit extract, standardized to 95% piperine - of course, we are talking about BioPerine®. This irreplaceable high-quality, natural additive makes the nutrients from the product better absorbed! This is what makes this product effective and worth trying if you are interested in chaga mushrooms 

What is worth noting is the fact that chaga extract is made from fruiting bodies. This is important because the use of fruiting bodies makes the product a pure mushroom extract. When mycelium is used to produce extracts, you can get a poor quality extract that will be poorly concentrated and much of it will be taken up by ordinary starch. 


Use of Chaga extract

Chaga in capsules is easy to use - just swallow a measured portion of the mushroom in the capsule with a few sips of water. 


Chaga (Chaga podcorticum) in traditional Chinese medicine

It is interesting what Traditional Chinese Medicine says about the chaga mushroom. In this ancient natural medicine we can find information that says that Chaga was believed to have the following beneficial effects on: 

  • liver, 
  • kidneys, 
  • heart, 
  • blood, 
  • stomach. 

Therefore, the benefits of using Chaga were mainly seen in the digestive system. However, it was also used to "calm the spirit" and to transform mucus (phlegm) - it can be understood as supporting mental health and in the case of lung or upper respiratory tract diseases. 



Ingredients Chaga mushroom extract 400 mg by Biowen

Chaga mushrooms – Inonotus obliquus (Ach. ex Pers.) Pilát) fruiting body extract standardized to 40% polysaccharides and 30% beta-glucans [DER 25:1], BioPerine® black pepper fruit extract standardized to 95% piperine , capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

Biowen chaga does not contain allergens such as lactose and gluten. It is a vegan product.


Polysaccharides in the Chaga Biowen vital mushroom

Chaga extract by Biowen is standardized to 40% mushroom polysaccharides.


Beta-glucans in Chaga mushroom

This chaga mushroom extract contains the optimal amount of beta-glucans - the extract is standardized to 30% beta-glucans. 


Properties of Chaga – Mushroom of Immortality 

Chaga was hailed as the "mushroom of immortality" by Siberian shamans, who used it for various religious ceremonies. It is also called "God's Gift". Such names indicate that chaga, as a mushroom, was very highly valued by ancient peoples, who attributed to it many properties equal to "divine action". We are currently unable to confirm that flashporek gives immortality or has divine properties beneficial to humans. However, we know one thing - it contains polysaccharides, including the most desirable ones, beta-glucans. At the right concentration, they have beneficial effects. 

We also used the above-mentioned BioPerine® black pepper extract in this product. In addition to enhancing the absorption of nutrients from the product, it also has additional properties! It has a beneficial effect on: 

  • skin,
  • respiratory system, 
  • the nervous system, 
  • resistance, 
  • digestion, 
  • and liver.


Properties of polysaccharides - including beta-glucans

Polysaccharides are one of the main active ingredients (active substances) of vital mushrooms. Beta-glucans attract particular attention. A concentration of 30% is the optimal concentration for these valuable ingredients of Chaga extract. Beta-glucans have proven effects on the cardiovascular system, and more specifically, in helping to maintain normal cholesterol levels. 

Cholesterol is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It helps build cell membranes and is necessary for the functioning of the endocrine system and the synthesis of vitamin D3 from the sun. Maintaining proper cholesterol levels is one of the foundations of health and well-being. There should be neither too little nor too much of it in the blood. 


Recommended portion to consume Chaga in capsules

Chaga mushroom extract should preferably be consumed with a meal. The recommended daily dose of the product is one capsule.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Special feature

for vegans, for vegetarians

For whom

for women, for men, for seniors




Glass jar with a metal cap


90 capsules



Application method




Product type

diet supplement

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