Biowen BIO rice protein - 200 g

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Biowen BIO rice protein: 

  • 84 g of vegetable protein/100 g of product,
  • contains a biodegradable spoon,
  • has an ecological certificate,
  • the packaging is glass + steel cap.

Weight: 200 g


Biowen BIO rice protein – a unique addition to your dishes!

Already know rice protein? This is a unique product with high protein content, gluten-free! If you want to introduce more protein into your diet, are looking for interesting products that diversify your diet and value high quality organic products, then rice protein is right for you! Try Biowen BIO rice protein and see how easy it is to use!



BIO ingredients Biowen rice protein

100% organic rice protein.
Country of origin: Poland


Properties of Biowen rice protein

  • BIO rice protein is a gluten-free product and completely organic - the raw material comes from organic farming and has the Eu Organic certificate.
  • Biowen BIO rice protein can be used by people on plant diets: vegans and vegetarians .
  • To improve the comfort of using the product, we have placed a convenient spoon inside for measuring portions.
  • 100 grams of Biowen BIO rice protein contains as much as 84 grams of plant protein !


Using Biowen rice protein

Thanks to its neutral taste, you can add rice protein to virtually any dish, whether sweet, savory or savory. What can they be added to?

  • for home-made baked goods,
  • for vegetable and fruit cocktails,
  • for homemade sauces and soups,
  • for desserts,
  • for savory dishes,
  • for pancakes, waffles, pancakes or oatmeal!


How much protein should you eat per day?

BIO rice protein is a plant protein that can easily enrich your menu with valuable ingredients. You can consume 15 grams of the product per day on normal days. On training days, you can consume up to 30 grams of protein from rice.

Special feature

no aromas, no dyes, no preservatives, BIO, for vegans, for vegetarians, ECO

For whom

for everyone, for women, for men, for seniors




Glass jar with a metal cap


200 g



Application method


Product type

food product



Impact on health

Maintaining normal bone condition, Impact on the proper growth and development of bones in children, Growth and maintenance of muscle mass, Digestive system health

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