Biowen BIO kale powder – 120g


Biowen organic kale powder:

  • kale with the EU Organic ecological certificate,
  • 100 g of the product is made from 1 kg of fresh kale,
  • a great addition to healthy soups and cocktails,
  • ecological packaging.

Net weight: 120 g


BIO superfood kale – what is it? 

BIO kale powder is an ecological product with an appropriate certificate confirming this. Our Organic Kale Powder is made from fresh kale and is the only ingredient of this product! 100 grams of BIO superfood kale is made from 1 kilogram of fresh plant! This makes using it even easier than using a fresh product! 

We placed BIO kale powder in a tight, dark-colored glass jar, thanks to which the product does not lose its nutritional value and is protected, e.g. from sunlight. 

Thanks to its form, using the product has been much easier! You no longer have to wash and chop the leaves before preparing them. Just grab a jar of our BIO kale and use the appropriate amount in the dish of your choice. This is one of the easiest ways to enrich your dishes with more healthy vegetables, as well as to smuggle in some vitamins and minerals straight from nature. You can add powdered kale to pancakes, waffles, cakes and unnoticed, for example, give it to children who previously did not want to eat green vegetables.

We created the product especially for people who love convenient solutions and efficient, easy-to-use products. Thanks to our kale, you can save time when preparing meals.


Ingredients – kale powder 

Our BIO superfood kale contains 100% only powdered kale from organic farming. It does not contain dyes, unnecessary additives or enhancers. It is a completely natural product, with a natural and simple composition. 


How to use kale powder?

Organic kale powder is extremely easy to use! Because it's a powdered vegetable, it's more concentrated and you can use less of it than fresh kale. How to use our product? 

  • add it to delicious vegetable soups, 
  • add a measured portion of the product to smoothies and cocktails, 
  • you can eat it cold or cook it in some dish, 
  • works great in sauces and salad dressings.


Nutritional values ​​of kale powder

BIO kale powder contains a wealth of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients! What will you find in kale? Protein, fiber, and:

Vitamin E: 

  • a known natural antioxidant, 
  • protects proteins, lipids and DNA against oxidative damage.

Vitamin C: 

  • is responsible for the formation of collagen, 
  • helps absorb non-heme iron,
  • affects the functioning of the nervous system,
  • affects the immune system,
  • supports energy metabolism, 
  • takes part in the course of psychological functions, 
  • regenerates the reduced version of vitamin E,
  • supports the immune system during and after intense physical exercise,
  • protects cells against free radicals. 


  • affects the functioning of digestive enzymes,
  • affects the mineral density of our bones, 
  • affects bone development in children. 

As you can see, kale is a plant that is really worth eating! It is an important element of a balanced diet and helps provide many valuable nutrients! 

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