Biowen Bio Beetroot – powder 120 g


Bio Beetroot:

  • 100 g of the product were made from 1 kg of fresh beetroot,
  • less waste packaging,
  • ideal in the kitchen for dishes and shakes,
  • organic product.

Weight: 120 g


Bio Beetroot – Powder supporting your body

Biowen Bio Beetroot is a high-quality beetroot powder, grown on organic and natural crops. Beetroot contains potassium, iron and vitamin B9, as well as fibre crucial for the digestive system. You’ll love it as an addition to a variety of dishes.

The powder is red in colour. It’s 100% natural! Our Biowen Bio Beetroot does not contain any artificial ingredients, colourants or flavours. It’s a powdered vegetable in 100%.

Beetroot contains crucial substances – betalains. They protect your body from premature ageing! They also have antioxidative effects.

100 g of this product were obtained from 1 kg of fresh beetroot!



Beets are valued vegetables that are very important in your diet. It’s all about their taste, but also the properties they have!

Potassium they contain:

  • helps maintain proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system, which makes it a good dietary supplement for each of us, especially those who are physically and mentally active!
  • supports the maintenance of normal blood pressure, which is extremely important for your health and well-being!

Iron they contain:

  • takes part in the formation of red blood cells
  • plays a role in transporting oxygen through the body,
  • reduces fatigue,
  • has an impact on cognitive functions,
  • facilitates energy metabolism

Vitamin B9, or folic acid, they contain:

  • plays a role in the creation of blood cells,
    has a positive effect on homocysteine metabolism,
    takes part in the proper course of cognitive functions,
    reduces the feeling of fatigue,
    is involved in the proper formation of amino acids.

Biowen Bio Beetroot also contains essential fibre, crucial protein and unsaturated fatty acids!


How to use beetroot powder?

You know how to use the fresh vegetable, but don’t know how to use beetroot powder? We have some ideas for you:

  • Add it to your vegetable smoothie,
    Add it to yoghurt dressing,
    Stir it into your soup,
    Add it to vegetable dishes.


Bio Beetroot – Ingredients

100% organically grown powdered beetroot.

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