Biowen Berberine Complex+ 510 mg - 60 capsules


Berberine Complex+ is:

  • a vegan supplement,
  • standardized herbal extracts with stated DER,
  • branded ingredients,
  • supplement to support sugar control,
  • net weight: 30.6 g.

Capacity: 60 capsules


Berberine Complex+ from Biowen with fenugreek and white mulberry for sugar control!

Blood sugar levels and carbohydrate balance should be taken care of by each of us to prevent problems later in life on this background. And it’s really not that hard to do! Fortunately, nature has the answer to our needs – and just such natural ingredients for blood sugar control can be found in each capsule of the sugar supplement from Biowen – Berberine Complex+!

Sugar management problems are not just diabetes! It is also insulin resistance, hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. In each of these cases, the amount of glucose in the blood is abnormal. It’s worth supporting your body to prevent such abnormalities, and one such way, is the right diet. In such a sugar diet, it is worth using berberine, fenugreek and white mulberry. Not a fan of drinking herbal infusions? That’s okay! You can enjoy the power of plants in the form of vegan capsules from Biowen – Berberine Complex+!


Why choose Berberine Complex+?

Berberine Complex+ is a pure formulation supplement, using branded ingredients like Fenumannans Ⓡ Sabinsa fenugreek, so you can be sure you’re reaching for a safe and high-quality product. The ingredients are standardized for active ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re buying! The capsules are vegan, so they can also be used by people on a plant-based diet. In addition, the capsules are enclosed in a glass jar, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous ingredients getting into the product from, for example, plastic!

This is a complex of three unique substances with proven properties that will support your body and provide additional values to your diet. With this supplement, taking care of yourself will be pure pleasure for you! If you want to support the control of sugar in your body, then this product is just for you!


Berberine Complex+ Ingredients:

Berberis root extract standardized to 97% berberine hydrochloride [DER 60:1], fenugreek extract standardized to 60% galactomannan [DER 4:1], white mulberry extract [DER 10:1], capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.


Berberine Complex+ – properties

Berberine Complex+ is a complex of three natural ingredients that are standardized for their active content and DER rating. This way you know you are reaching for a concentrated product and are not buying a cat in a bag! What are the properties of the ingredients contained in Berberine Complex+ from Biowen?


Berberis – properties

Berberis root extract, which contains up to 97% berberine hydrochloride, the active substance. Berberis shows activity:

  • supporting blood glucose control,
  • supporting skin health,
  • taking care of normal cholesterol levels, thus taking care of the cardiovascular system,
  • beneficially affecting the genitourinary system,
  • taking care of liver health,
  • and lowering lipid levels.


Fenugreek FenumannansⓇ – properties

Fenugreek, also known as God’s hay, is an interesting plant that is often found in various herbal natural medicine remedies. Why is it so valued? Because it exhibits a number of really valuable properties. Here are fenugreek’s properties:

  • lowers blood lipid levels,
  • protects the stomach, has an anti-ulcer effect,
  • contributes to normal blood sugar levels,
  • supports the maintenance of normal pH of gastric juice,
  • helps maintain blood lipids at normal levels,
  • is an antioxidant and thus supports the functioning of the immune system,
  • helps regulate appetite and supports digestion,
  • supports and normalizes blood fat metabolism,
  • takes care of normal blood glucose levels,
  • supports metabolism, and the furostanol contained in it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.


White mulberry – effects

White mulberry has an interesting-looking fruit and is often an ingredient in many teas and infusions. All due to its action, which has been appreciated for hundreds of years! How does white mulberry work? Here are its properties:

  • supports glucose metabolism,
  • supports carbohydrate metabolism.


Berberine Complex+ – how to use?

It is recommended to consume 1 capsule per day, with a meal. The product is sufficient for 60 days of use. Do not exceed the suggested serving of the product.

Note that the supplement may not be suitable for you if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


Storage conditions:

Store at room temperature out of the reach of small children, Protect from sunlight. Store in dry place. The dietary supplement should not be used as substitute for a varied diet. A varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are the basic for proper functioning of the body.

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