Bene Vobis Liquid Fulvic Acid, 250 ml


Food supplement 


Liquid Fulvic Acid - 250 ml

250 ml / 50 servings = 50 days of supplementation


BENE VOBIS® FULVIC ACID  is a high-quality dietary supplement in liquid form, intended for people who want to supplement their diet with a concentrate of fulvic acid derived from resin produced through natural and long-term processes of transformation of organic matter in hard-to-reach, rocky high-mountain areas, such as the Himalayas. The presence of this rare ingredient is the result of the activity of microorganisms, enzymes and other environmental factors characteristic of the harsh climatic conditions prevailing in these areas.

The preparation is based on ultra-pure water with a neutral pH obtained using the advanced, multi-stage AquaOsmoticaHQTM purification process. The supplement is characterized by a high degree of purity and its composition is precisely controlled, which translates into effectiveness and safety of use.

Fulvic acid is an organic compound that is one of the main components of humic substances. It consists of many different chemical compounds that are the product of the degradation of plants and microorganisms. The main components of fulvic acid include aromatic compounds such as benzene rings and other ring structures that give fulvic acid its characteristic chemical properties. Moreover, fulvic acid includes functional compounds such as carboxyl, hydroxyl and phenolic groups, which participate in chemical reactions and give it the ability to form complexes with other substances.

The decomposition of organic matter involving fulvic acid involves many stages. Initially, organic substances such as leaves, branches and plant residues decompose under the influence of microorganisms, fungi, enzymes and atmospheric factors. As a result of long-term chemical reactions, humus is formed, containing, among others, fulvic acids.

Fulvic acid contains various substances, such as sugars, amino acids, peptides, lipids and nucleotides. Moreover, it also contains numerous elements, including nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, as well as valuable microelements such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese and molybdenum. All of these ingredients can exist in various chemical forms, which further increases the complexity and value of fulvic acid.

Fulvic acid is an organic compound with an extremely diverse composition, which may vary depending on the source and the processes that influence its formation. This diversity makes it an extremely valuable ingredient that has a wide spectrum of action. Mumio resin, containing fulvic acids, has many health-promoting properties:

  • Supports the functions of the immune system,
  • Helps maintain proper body weight,
  • Supports sexual functions in men and women,
  • Helps maintain joint and bone health,
  • It has a rejuvenating effect,
  • Helps maintain the health of the urinary system and prostate gland,
  • Supports the metabolism of fats and sugars,
  • Helps maintain balance and comfort of the menstrual cycle,
  • It has significant antioxidant properties,
  • Supports mental and cognitive functions,

The BENE VOBIS® FULVIC ACID dietary supplement   is a high-quality product that provides the body with as much as 200 mg of pure fulvic acid in 1 serving (5 ml), obtained from the original Himalayan mumio resin. Thanks to its liquid form, this supplement is easily digestible and quickly absorbed by the body, which contributes to the increase in the effectiveness of its action. The use of a liquid formula allows for precise dosing and simple use of the supplement, which allows for optimal adjustment to the individual needs of the consumer.

The product retained its natural, characteristic smell and taste of the raw material. Produced without added sugar, sweeteners or artificial colors.

All our products are always 100% free from: magnesium salts of fatty acids (magnesium stearate), silicon dioxide, nanoparticles (no legal exceptions), genetic engineering, artificial colors and flavors, titanium dioxide, added sugar and sweeteners. A short and clear list of ingredients guarantees safe supplementation based only on essential substances.


Ingredients per serving  (5 ml - daily portion)

shilajt resin / 500 mg

including fulvic acid / 200 mg


Ingredients:  AquaOsmoticaHQTM purified water; standardized resin from the Himalayan mumio shilajit (Asphaltum punjabianum) containing over 40% of fulvic acids.

How to use:  Take 5 ml once a day with a meal. Do not exceed the maximum amount of 1 serving (5 ml per day). The substance can be diluted in water or your favorite juice. Shake before use. Consume A measuring cup is included in the package.

Dietary supplements should be stored out of the reach of small children. Store away from direct sunlight at temperatures below 25°C. Consume within 2 months of opening the package.

Packaging:  PET plastic meeting the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Compliance with European Pharmacopoeia ISO 15378:2015


Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not use the preparation in case of hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients. The preparation is intended for adults. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is important to follow a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The product is not intended for children, breastfeeding or pregnant women. There is a possibility of sediment forming at the bottom of the bottle. This is a natural process that does not affect the quality or safety of the product. Do not use the product after the expiry date. The date of minimum durability is located at the bottom of the label.

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