An environmentally friendly brush made of biodegradable bamboo. 

Weight: 15 g

Bamboo toothbrushes with soft bristles are a healthy, environmentally friendly tool designed for cleaning teeth. We know that the first brushes were made of sticks that removed food debris from the space between the teeth. 

Today we have a large selection of colorful, various brushes with a recommendation to replace every 3 months. Unfortunately, most of them are made of 100% plastic that covers our planet. 

Our brushes are made of biodegradable bamboo, but there is no reason to throw them away immediately after use. We should remember that the production of ecological brushes also consumed a lot of electricity, human labor and plants were cut. 

Therefore, in the spirit of the zero waste idea, try to find a new use for them, e.g. for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces such as joints, ventilation grids,

If you want to throw away the compost brush, cut the hairs first. 

Remember that just as a jam jar can replace a cup of water for rinsing the mouth, toothbrushes can become a household tool. 

You can share with us your idea of ​​using used brushes, we will be happy to tell you about it. Sharing experiences is what can help us use bathroom accessories better and generate less rubbish.

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