Aura Herbals Vitamin ADEK A + D3 + E + K2 MK7, 90 capsules

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Food supplement


Vitamin ADEK

90 capsules

  • certified vitamins:  Quali-A®, Quali-D®, Quali-E®, MenaQ7®
  • clean label  - simple composition, without unnecessary additives
  • plant capsules  - capsule shell made of plant cellulose
  • natural vitamin D  (Quali®-D) from lanolin and  E  (Quali-E®) from sunflower
  • natural vitamin K  (MenaQ7®) with natto

Special properties of active ingredients

  • Vitamin A  helps maintain proper vision, plays a role in the process of cell specialization, and also helps maintain the proper condition of the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Vitamin D  helps maintain healthy bones and the proper functioning of the immune system. It also supports the proper functioning of muscles.
  • Vitamin E  is a strong antioxidant and protects against oxidative stress and cell damage caused by free radicals.
  • Vitamin K  helps maintain healthy bones and contributes to proper blood clotting.

Quality guarantee ADEK vitamins in capsules

For its production, we used certified vitamins: Quali-A®, Quali-D®, Quali-E® and vitamin MenaQ7®. Vitamin D – Quali-D® is the highest quality vitamin D obtained from lanolin, wool of live and healthy sheep living on Australian and New Zealand pastures. Thanks to finely dispersed particles obtained in specialized Swiss laboratories, Quali-D® is characterized by a very stable form. This innovative process means that the Aura Herbals preparation contains vitamin D of natural origin, which is even faster and easier absorbed by the human body.

MenaQ7® is vitamin K with properties confirmed in clinical trials. MenaQ7® has numerous certificates: Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Halal, GRAS, Novel Food and acceptance by the European Food Safety Authority. MenaQ7® obtained a positive result in the HPLC test - it proves the purity and safety of the product.


Ingredients in a daily portion  (1 capsule)

Vitamin A                                                                                       800 mcg  (100%*)

Vitamin D3                                                                         2000 IU (50 mcg)  (100%*)

Vitamin E                                                                                            12 mg  (100%*)

menaquinone (MK-7, vitamin K2 from Natto)                          75 mcg  (100%*)

*RWS - Reference Intake Value


Ingredients:  inulin, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), retinyl acetate (vitamin A), menaquinone (MK-7, vitamin K from natto), cholecalciferol (vitamin D from lanolin), L-leucine, capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Recommended daily intake:

Recommended daily dose: 1 capsule. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Important Information: 

Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredient of the supplement. Before use, it is advisable to perform a 25-(OH)D blood test and consult the result with a doctor or pharmacist. The product should not be used by people taking anticoagulants containing vitamin K antagonists (e.g. warfarin and acenocoumarol). A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Remember that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important and recommended.

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