Aura Herbals Sodium butyrate microencapsulated 600 mg, 90 capsules


Food supplement


  • sodium butyrate in micropellets ensures effective and gradual release of the active ingredient only in the intestines
  • 600 mg of sodium butyrate per daily portion, including 480 mg of butyric acid
  • 300 mg of sodium butyrate in one capsule
  • suitable for children from 7 years of age
  • clean label - the simplest composition, without unnecessary additives

Sodium butyrate is recommended for dietary management in:

  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS);
  • intestinal microbiota disorders, e.g. after antibiotic therapy;
  • inflammatory bowel diseases;
  • functional disorders of the digestive system such as: chronic constipation, abdominal pain, abdominal bloating, diarrhea;
  • diseases of the large intestine with atrophic changes in the mucous membrane;
  • nutritional deficiencies, e.g. when using diets low in dietary fiber (low-residue diet).

Guarantee of quality

Dietary supplement produced in the Polish Aura Herbals production plant. The supplement has been tested in an independent laboratory unit, JS Hamilton, to guarantee the highest quality and safe use of the product. Research confirmed:

  • no microbiological contamination,
  • no heavy metal contamination.


Ingredients in daily portion  (100g / 1 capsule 2 capsules)

  • Energy value, 2123 kJ (507 kcal), 10 kJ (2 kcal), 21 kJ (5 kcal)
  • Fat, including: 49 g, 0.24 g, 0.48 g
  • saturated fatty acids, 49 g, 0.24 g, 0.48 g
  • Carbohydrates, including:, -, -, -
  • sugars, -, -, -
  • Protein, -, -, -
  • Salt, 12.2 g, 0.06 g, 0.12 g
  • Fiber, 39 g, 0.19 g, 0.38 g
  • Sodium butyrate, including: 61.6 g, 300 mg, 600 mg
  • butyric acid, 49.3 g, 240 mg, 480 mg


Ingredients:  Sodium butyrate; capsule – hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; filler – cellulose; thickener – hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; glazing agent – ​​ethylcellulose.

How to use:  Swallow the capsule whole with water. It is best to take with a meal.

Additional information:  The product should be used under medical supervision. The product is not intended for parenteral use. Do not use in children with swallowing disorders or when swallowing capsules is difficult. Protect from direct sunlight. It may pose a health hazard if consumed by people who have no medical indications for its use. Do not use in case of allergy to any ingredient of the preparation. Please remember that a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important and recommended. The preparation can not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Recommended daily intake:  Recommended daily dose: Adults: orally 1 capsule twice a day, morning and evening. It is recommended to use the preparation for at least 3 months. Children over 7 years of age: 1 capsule orally once a day, preferably in the evening. It is recommended to use the preparation for at least 6 weeks. Depending on individual needs, your doctor may recommend other portions for consumption. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Storage:  Store in a dry place, at a temperature below 15-25°C, out of the reach of small children.

Active ingredients:  Sodium butyrate

Application:  Intestinal bacterial flora, Digestive system

Form:  Capsules

For whom:  For diabetics, For children, For women, For men, For families, For seniors, For athletes, For vegans, For vegetarians

Characteristic features:  100% natural, Alcohol-free, Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Lactose-free, No sweeteners, Clean label - clean composition, Vegan, Vegetarian, Allergen-free, Soy-free

Number of daily servings:  45/90

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