Aura Herbals Natural Miconized Apple Fiber 300g


Food supplement


Natural preparation of plant origin, obtained from specially selected parts of apple pomace.

The process of fiber micronization increases its active surface, ensuring greater effectiveness and better absorption. Fiber easily absorbs water, which causes it to swell and fill the stomach, providing a feeling of satiety and reducing the feeling of hunger. It limits the absorption of unnecessary calories from food and prevents sudden increases in blood sugar levels. Thanks to this, it supports the weight loss process and reduction of body fat.

It regulates intestinal function, acting as ballast. It prevents constipation, supports the reconstruction of intestinal microflora and cleanses the body of toxins and undigested food remains.

Contains no preservatives or artificial dyes.

How to use:

Mix 1 tablespoon of fiber with water or juice and drink an additional glass of water. Take fiber twice a day, 30 minutes before a meal.


100% micronized apple fiber.


Store in a dry, cool place.

Important information

The product may contain allergens: sesame, cashews and other nuts due to packaging in the plant where products containing the above are packed. allergens.

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