Aura Herbals Chinese Rubber FLIMSY cups (4 pcs)

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Chinese Rubber FLIMSY cups (4 pcs.)

Chinese rubber cups can be used for acupuncture and massage, including anti-cellulite massage. They are easy to use. They can be placed anywhere on the body. They are made of flexible material and are easier to use than traditional glass cups.

Cupping massage accelerates metabolism and fat burning, firms and smoothes the skin. It reduces cellulite because it is a vacuum massage, which is currently considered the best method of removing cellulite.

Vacuum cabins are becoming more and more common in beauty salons. If the content of your wallet does not allow you to use such treatments, Chinese cupping is the best solution.


Before performing the massage, lubricate the skin with massage gel, olive oil or anti-cellulite gel.

We grab the bubble with our middle and index fingers, and from the top with our thumb. Place it on the skin and release it so that the skin is sucked inside. Now we gently move the cup over the skin of the thighs, belly and buttocks.

Bubbles packed in original Polish-language packaging with instructions for use.

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