Allnutrition Vitamine D3 2000, 60 capsules

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Food supplement


Vitamin D helps with:

  • proper absorption/utilization of calcium and phosphorus
  • maintaining healthy bones
  • proper functioning of muscles
  • maintaining healthy teeth
  • proper functioning of the immune system


ALLNUTRITION VIT D3 2000 supplements the daily diet with vitamin D, necessary for the proper functioning of the body. The practical and convenient form of gel capsules makes it easier to take this fantastic dietary supplement.

Vitamin D comes in two forms: cholecalciferol (synthesized in the skin or obtained from food) and ergocalciferol (formed from ergosterol found in yeast and cap mushrooms). They are starting substances that are transformed in the body into active compounds that have hormone-like effects. .

Vitamin D helps in the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus, maintains healthy bones and teeth, and has a beneficial effect on the proper functioning of muscles and the immune system.

This preparation provides as much as 1000% of the reference intake value for vitamin D!

The VIT D3 2000 dietary supplement is especially recommended for physically active people and everyone who wants to stay fit and healthy.


Composition in 1 serving (1 capsule):

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)                                    50 µg (2000 IU) 1000% *

Excipient - sunflower oil                                       248 mg

*% of reference intake value


Ingredients:  sunflower oil, capsule shell: gelatin, humectant: glycerol, purified water, MCT oil, vitamin D, antioxidant: alpha tocopherol

Recommended use: 1 capsule a day with water.

Warnings: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use the preparation in case of hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients. Do not use the dietary supplement after the expiry date. The date of minimum durability is located on the side of the packaging. The preparation is intended for adults. If it is necessary to simultaneously administer oral anticoagulants, it is recommended to administer vitamin D at a different time due to its interaction with calcium in the blood clotting process.

A dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

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