Aliness TULSI (HOLY BASIL) extract 5% 300mg, 90 capsules

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Food supplement


1 capsule

Asian basil extract 5%

(Ocimum sanctum)

including  ursolic acid

300 mg


15 mg

Ingredients: Asian basil extract (Ocimum sanctum) OciForte™, standardized to 5% ursolic acid, capsule shell: (binding substance: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)

Recommended daily dose necessary to obtain the beneficial effect of the product : 1 capsule a day during or after a meal, with water. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

The product cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet.
It is recommended to follow a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Package content: 90 capsules

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature out of the reach of small children. Protect from moisture.



  • Improves the body's resistance to stress
  • Supports mental health
  • Supports the proper functioning of the immune system
  • Adds vitality
  • It has a beneficial effect on the heart and respiratory system


What is Holy Basil?

Holy Basil ( Ocimum sanctum ), also known as Tulsi from the ancient Sanskrit language, is a plant that occurs naturally in the tropical regions of the Indian Peninsula. In India, it is considered a sacred plant, inextricably linked with Hindu religion and culture for centuries, where it is used both in religious rituals and in the traditional system of Indian medicine.

Holy basil extract is rich in numerous biologically active ingredients, among which ursolic acid is one of the most important . In addition, Tulsi is also a treasure trove of many other substances with a beneficial effect on the body, such as eugenol, rosmarinic acid, caryophyllene, oleanolic acid, carotenoids and vitamin C. Holy basil is also a source of some minerals - calcium, iron and zinc.

How does Holy Basil work?

Holy Basil is classified as an adaptogen, a group of plant-based substances that increase resistance to stress and maintain the body's balance. Like other adaptogens, it increases the body's resistance to stressors, supporting the nervous and immune systems. In addition, it supports the respiratory system in defense against infections, has a positive effect on the heart and adds vitality. Tulsi is an ideal support for the body in times of reduced immunity and increased viral activity.

The health-promoting effects of the plant have been noticed many centuries ago in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, where the herb is widely used, among others. to strengthen the respiratory system and prescribed for coughs and colds.

What is the standardization and origin of the extract ?

When choosing Tulsi, it is worth paying attention to standardization, i.e. the strength of the extract. Products available on the market are most often based on 2% extract or on non-standardized extracts or simply on dried, powdered plant material with a much lower content of active ingredients. It is also worth bearing in mind that many of the widely used 2% holy basil extracts are obtained by solvent extraction, during which toxic methanol is used as an extractant.

The OciForte™ extract contained in our product comes from the renowned Indian manufacturer, Akay. OciForte™ extract is characterized by a high standardization of 5% for ursolic acid and is obtained in an aqueous extraction process, during which the only solvent used is water. This means that each capsule contains as much as 15 mg of ursolic acid, the main active ingredient of Holy Basil, and is free from residues of toxic solvents.

Aliness Tulsi 300 mg does not contain any animal ingredients, making it a product suitable for vegans. The product does not contain any artificial technological additives, preservatives or dyes.

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