Aliness TOCOTRIENOLE Full Spectrum, Natural Vitamin E, 30 ml

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Food supplement

Vitamins in drops

- Tocotrienol: 7.4 mg

- Tocopherol: 1.8 mg

Servings: 600

Patented EVNol™ tocotrienol complex supplemented with d-alpha tocopherol, plant sterols and carotenoids, dissolved in high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients 1 serving / 1 pump


  • Vitamin E, including: 9.6 mg/6.4 IU (*80%), 48 mg/32 IU (*400%)
  • Total D-tocotrienols: 7.4 mg, 37 mg
  • D-alpha-tocotrienol, 2.4 mg, 12 mg
  • D-beta-tocotrienol, 0.4 mg, 2 mg
  • D-gamma-tocotrienol, 3.4 mg, 17 mg
  • D-delta-tocotrienol, 1 mg, 5 mg
  • D-alfa-tokoferol, 1,8 mg, 9 mg
  • Vegetable squalene, 1.3 mg, 6.5 mg
  • Plant sterols, 0.4 mg, 2 mg
  • Carotenoidy, 5,8 µg, 29 µg


*RWS: daily reference intake value

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, natural vitamin E complex from Guinea oilseed EVNol™ (a mixture of D-tocotrienols and D-tocopherols, plant squalene, phytosterols, carotenoids).

Recommended portion of the product to be consumed during the day, necessary to obtain the beneficial effect of the product: from 1 to 5 portions daily with a meal. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

The product cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. It is recommended to follow a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Storage conditions : Store at room temperature out of the reach of small children.

Package content: 30 ml (600 servings). Portion = full pump.


Avitale Tocotrienols is a source of natural vitamin E in the form of the patented EVNol™ complex, with a full spectrum of tocotrienols and tocopherols. EVNol™ extract contains a naturally occurring mixture of tocotrienols and tocopherols extracted from the fruit of the Guinea palm (Elaeis guineensis). In addition, it also contains other valuable phytonutrients, such as plant squalene, phytosterols, coenzyme Q10 and a mixture of carotenoids, which are naturally extracted together with tocotrienols. Thanks to this, the Avitale Tocotrienols product is a complete and full-value complex of tocotrienols - with a full spectrum of action and the most favorable mutual ratio of alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocotrienols that occurs in nature.

Avitale Tokotrienol meets the CLEAN LABEL requirements - it does not contain artificial and technological additives, dyes and preservatives.

Avitale Tocotrienol does not contain any animal ingredients, making it a suitable source of vitamin E for vegans, in the form of a mixture of easily digestible tocotrienols.

What are tocotrienols?

Tocotrienols are also known as "super vitamin E" and "unsaturated vitamin E". Vitamin E is a general name describing a family of eight compounds - four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. Structurally, both tocotrienols and tocopherols have a chromate ring (as the "head") and differ only in the chain. Tocopherol has a saturated side chain, while tocotrienol has three double bonds in the side chain. Therefore, tocotrienols are sometimes called unsaturated vitamin E. Although tocopherols are very similar in structure to tocopherols, research has shown that tocotrienols have additional, unique biological activities that tocopherols do not. Due to the presence of a double bond system, they are characterized by, among others: much higher antioxidant capacity than tocopherols.

What products are a source of tocotrienols?

The human body cannot produce tocotrienols on its own, so they must be supplied with the daily diet or through supplementation. Tocotrienols are sparsely distributed in the plant world, they can be found, among others, in rice, barley, wheat and rye. The richest natural source of tocotrienols with a content of up to 800 mg/kg is raw palm oil (Elaeis guineensis). For general health maintenance, you should take 30-50mg of tocotrienols daily. To meet this demand for tocotrienols, you would need to consume approximately 80,000 mg (80 g) of palm oil or 1.5 kg to 4 kg of wheat, barley or oat germ every day, which is practically impossible. For this reason, it is recommended to include tocotrienols in your daily diet in the form of supplements, functional foods or drinks.

Why palm tocotrienols?

Tocotrienols are obtained from four commercial sources: crude palm oil (from oil palm fruit), palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD), rice seeds and annatto seeds. Crude palm oil is the richest natural source of tocotrienols. The total content of tocotrienols in this oil is 78%, while in PFAD and rice - 70% and 50%, respectively. In turn, annatto seeds, although they contain 100% tocotrienols, consist only of delta and gamma tocotrienols and do not contain any tocopherols.

High quality and effectiveness of supplementation:

High-quality preparation begins at the source. Tocotrienols are carefully extracted from GMO-free and properly sourced Malaysian crude palm oil in a patented multi-stage distillation process.

The molecular distillation process uses high vacuum and low temperature, which preserves the properties of nutrients such as squalene, phytosterols, carotene and coenzyme Q10, which occur naturally in palm fruit (crude palm oil). Avitale guarantees that all the beneficial phytonutrients from palm fruit are concentrated in one complex - just as they occur in nature.

The effectiveness of Tocotrienols has been demonstrated in numerous clinical trials around the world, including neuroprotection studies funded by the prestigious National Institute of Health (NIH).

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