Aliness Lady's mantle herb EKO 60g


Food supplement

  • Organic herbal tea
  • Lady's mantle herb (60 g)

Lady's Lady  is a plant found in Europe, most often in thickets, wet meadows or marshy forest edges. It blooms from May to June, and its herb is used for medicinal purposes. In folk medicine, mantle was known as the herb of the Virgin Mary. Contains, among others: tannins, resins and saponins with health-promoting properties.

It was once believed that lady's mantle was a medicine for abdominal ailments. The intuition of people involved in ancient herbal medicine was right and mantle was used to support the treatment of digestive system diseases, pain, diarrhea, digestive problems, but also in the case of appetite disorders. However, mantle should not be given to children.

It is not without reason that mantle was called the herb of the Virgin Mary. This is a plant that especially women should know about its effects.  Lady's Lady will help relieve symptoms related to premenstrual tension and menstruation itself: it will relieve pain and have an antispasmodic effect. Moreover, it is also worth using it during menopause and for genital tract infections.

Common mantle:

  • helps maintain good comfort before and during the menstrual cycle
  • improves digestive comfort

Ingredients:  Organic mantle herb (Alchemilla vulgaris L.) 100%.

Country of origin Poland.

Preparation method:  pour 1 teaspoon of herbs with a glass of hot water. Brew covered for 5-10 minutes.

Storage conditions:  store in a dry and cool place.

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