Aliness Liver Regeneration Complex, 90 capsules

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Food supplement

A unique complex for liver regeneration: herbs, amino acids, plant extracts!


Silymarin action:

  • Regenerates liver cells
  • It helps protect liver cells and contributes to the proper production of bile
  • Helps maintain a healthy liver
  • It protects the liver
  • Maintaining normal blood glucose levels

Action of artichoke:

  • Increases water excretion by the kidneys
  • Supports intestinal and digestive health
  • Helps maintain a healthy liver

Berberine sulfate:

Berberine is a golden yellow alkaloid obtained from the roots and stems of Berbaris aristata or more commonly known as barberry. The advantage of sulfate over the hydrochloride form is that in Berberine sulfate, in addition to the action of Berberine itself, the sulfate ion detached from the molecule can be included in the reactions of the second phase of detoxification (i.e. conjugation) taking place in the liver.

Curcuma longa action:

  • helps maintain a healthy liver
  • supports appetite in case of loss of appetite,
  • supports blood production and quality,
  • supports the functioning of the heart,
  • supports blood circulation,

Action of Choline (patented form of VitaCholine®):

  • contributes to maintaining proper homocysteine ​​metabolism
  • contributes to maintaining proper fat metabolism
  • helps in the proper functioning of the liver

Gnosis developed its own silybin - Phosphocomplex®  and tested it for its pharmacokinetic parameters after single administration.

In a clinical study conducted by Gnosis, the pharmacokinetic profiles of silybin plasma concentrations were investigated. Phosphocomplex® is a proprietary biologically available Silybin in the form of a lipid-compatible active compound in which Silybin has been complexed with phospholipids Silybin is the richest and most potent ingredient of silymarin, the most active ingredient of the milk thistle plant (Silybum marianum), which has been extensively researched for its health benefits liver. Through its action, Silibin contained in Phosphocomplex® has the ability to protect and normalize liver function, also promoting the production of glutathione. Unfortunately, Silybin has poor intestinal absorption and low bioavailability.

In Phosphocomplex®, complexation of the phospholipids Silibin occurs together with phosphatidylcholine, which is an important emulsifier in the gastrointestinal tract and improves the ability of Silibin to cross lipid-rich biological membranes and reach the circulation, resulting in increased bioavailability.

The increased bioavailability of Phosphocomplex® was tested in comparison to a preparation purchased on the nutraceutical market and used as a reference product.

Phospocomplex®  is obtained as a result of the complexation reaction of silybin with phospholipids (phosphatidylcholine) in order to significantly improve bioavailability. Phospocomplex® proved that the complexation reaction with phosphatidylcholine improved the bioavailability of silybin (which is difficult to absorb in the intestines) when added orally. The increase in bioavailability is associated with a higher passage of Phospocomplex® through the mucous membrane of the digestive system.

  • Significantly improved oral bioavailability and easier targeting to the liver
  • Synergistic effect thanks to phosphatidylcholine, which has a hepatoprotective role
  • Standardized preparation (≥29% to ≤37% silybin based on HPLC chromatography)
  • Efficacy confirmed by pharmacological and clinical data


1 capsule

2 capsules

Milk thistle seed extract (PhospoComplex® - (Silibin Phospholipid Complex)

         including silibin

80 mg


24 mg

160 mg


48 mg


150 mg

300 mg

Milk thistle seed extract 80%

         including silymarin

         including silibin

130 mg

104 mg

40 mg

260 mg

208 mg

80 mg

Choline (VitaCholine®)

80 mg

160 mg

Artichoke extract 5%

         including cynarin

80 mg

4 mg

160 mg

8 mg


50 mg

100 mg


50 mg

100 mg

Dandelion root extract

50 mg

100 mg

Berberine (Berberine root extract - 99% berberine sulfate)

40 mg

80 mg

N-acetylo-L-cysteina (NAC)

40 mg

80 mg

Turmeric extract (curucmin 3 PLUS 95% curcumin)

40 mg

80 mg

L-Glutathione reduced

30 mg

60 mg

Black pepper extract (95% piperine)

5 mg

10 mg

Ingredients:  Milk thistle seed extract (PhospoComplex®) (Silibin Phospholipid Complex) standardized to silybin, L-ornithine-L-aspartate, milk thistle seed extract standardized to 80% silymarin and 30% silybin, Choline (VitaCholine®), milk thistle extract artichoke standardized to 5% cynarine, barberry root extract (Berberis Aristata) standardized to 99% berberine sulfate, L-cysteine, N-acetyl-L-cysteine ​​(NAC), L-methionine, dandelion root extract, turmeric extract long (curcumin 3 PLUS 95% curcumin), L-Glutathione reduced, black pepper extract (95% piperine), capsule shell (binding agent: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose).

Recommended daily dose necessary to obtain the beneficial effect of the product:  1-2 capsules daily with a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The product cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. It is recommended to follow a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Storage conditions : Store at room temperature. Protect from moisture. Keep out of the reach of small children.

*Silymarin regenerates liver cells, helps protect liver cells, contributes to the proper production of bile, helps maintain a healthy liver

*Artichoke increases the excretion of water by the kidneys, supports intestinal health, and helps maintain a healthy liver

Content: 90 capsules

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