SHY DEER Set - Face Care


 Set - Face Care



Ultra-light texture that everyone will love!

  • The mask will make our skin moisturized, oxygenated and if that wasn't enough it will regain its natural glow. Ideal for any type of complexion.

Thanks to the content of Coenzyme Q10, our skin will be firm and tense for longer. With each application, you will love your skin more and more in this mask!

The main active ingredients contained in the mask are rose hydrolate, which replaced in the composition of water, coenzyme Q10, Vitamins C and E, meadowfoam oil, buriti oil or a unique extract - Elixir of Swiss Ice Wine. The mask contains 99.1% natural and certified ingredients*


  • A gentle gel for washing the face for year-round, daily use.

Designed for all types of skin, including dry, sensitive and problematic skin. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It can be used as a stand-alone element of daily care or as a step 2 in the ritual of natural care.

The gel works best as a skin cleansing product in the purification process, at the stage of proper cleansing, after prior make-up remover. The product can also be used for make-up remover.


100% natural and certified ingredients*

99.3% natural and certified ingredients*


  • Shy Deer Citrus Relaxation Soy Candle
  • Tonic is an integral part of proper skin care in the morning and evening, both as part of your daily care and as part of a natural care ritual. Its main task is to restore the skin to the correct pH, which is about 5.5.

Thanks to such a reagent, the skin naturally defends itself, and the active ingredients contained in care products penetrate better and deeper and work more effectively.

The lavender hydrolate contained in the tonic has a soothing, coping, antioxidant, regenerating and antiseptic effect, while the geranium hydrolate regulates the process of sebum secretion, strengthens blood vessels and has a refreshing effect. Both hydrolates work extremely synergistically.

Another synergistic effect used in tonic is the combination of lactic acid and its salt, which consists in normalizing the keratinization process and maintaining the correct level of hydration.

The moisturizing effect has been exacerbated by the addition of sodium hyaluronate, that is, the salt of hyaluronic acid and extract of echidna and pomegranate fruit.

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