YOUTH ACTIVATOR Biomimetic Peptide 30 ml

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Real revolution in the scope of Rejuvenation Biotechnology. The latest generation biomimetic peptide is very effective inpreventig wrinkles.

Progeline TM: biomimetic peptide reduces the level of progerin which is the protein responsible for cell ageing. It also increases the synthesis of collagen and slows down the production of enzymes which lead to its degradation.

Accelerates the natural regeneration processes of the skin. Provides all the necessary nourishing ingredients into the deepest layersof the skin. Relaxes the tension of the facial muscles, preventing the formation of mimic wrinkles. Improves the face oval.

The activator is reinforced witch Coenzyme Q10 which protects the skin from free radicals, has a strong antioxidant effect. It moisturizes, strengthens and oxygenates the skin.

Recommended: for mature skin and as an anti-aging prophylaxis.


How to use
Apply a few drops of the concentrate to thoroughly cleansed and dried skin of your face and neck. Dab gently. Perform a delicate massage with circular movements. Use morning and evening before your favorite AVA cream.

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