Yerbomos Stainless Steel 350 ml

The stainless steel Yerbomos is a combination of a thermos, water bottle and bombilla in one stylish container with a shapely 350 ml capacity.


Yerbomos has a water tank (350 ml capacity), with double walls made of stainless steel, thanks to which it has excellent thermal insulation properties. 


Thanks to this, Yerbomos acts as a thermos and maintains the water temperature for up to several hours!

The yerba mate dry container is located in the lid and holds 25-50 g.

The operation is simple and intuitive.


Just unscrew the top lid, add yerba mate, add water to the container and mount the tube at the top. With each sip taken, the lid is refilled with fresh water. After you have drunk all of it, you just need to refill it.

Thanks to Yerbomos, you can drink yerba mate regardless of time and place.

It will work at home, at work, at school, while traveling or driving a car.


Capacity: approx. 350 ml

Material: Stainless steel (container), BPA-free plastic (lid and tube).

Rinse with boiling water before first use.

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