Yerbomos Set with Yerba Mate Semilla Sin Humo and Accessories

Set contains:

Yerbomos , an accessory that combines the functions of a thermos, water bottle and bombilla. It works everywhere, at home, at work, and also in the car.

Capacity: 580ml


Bio Organic Semilla Sin Humo  is one of the most noble yerba mate with an organic certificate! Well stimulating, with a delicate herbal aftertaste and lemon scent, grown in shaded places, which gives it delicacy and removes the bitter taste of the brew. 

Ecological product. Manufacturer's Ecological Certificate PL-EKO-07-12921.

Weight: 400g


Black ceramic matero, decorated with the "keep calm and drink mate green" logo, made of the highest quality ceramic clay. It is characterized by high durability. They can be washed in the dishwasher.
Dimensions: hole diameter: 6.5 cm, height: 9 cm, capacity: about 220 ml. 


Bombilla made of stainless steel, with a spoon-shaped strainer,
dimensions: length: 17.5 cm.

Bombilla cleaner, dimensions: length: 15.5 cm.

Cork pad, dimensions: 9.5 cm in diameter.


Country of origin: Brazil

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