YERBOMOS 4.0 Cebador metal 580 ml

Yerbomos 4.0 with double walls made of stainless steel

A larger container for drought and water, i.e. more yerba always with you!


capacity: 580 ml

YERBOMOS 4.0 Cebador – 3w1: termos bombilla matero


Yerbomos combines the functions of a bombilla, matero and a thermos, which allows you to take yerba mate with you.

This model comes with several design improvements. The capacity of the drying lid was extended and the capacity of the thermos was increased to 580 ml.


Yerbomos consists of several parts:

  • a vessel for water - yerbomos,
  • cap - a container for yerba - it can hold from 50 to 75 g of dried fruit,
  • a tube drawing water from the yerbomosa to the cap,
  • top cover with bombilla.


Yerbomos 4.0 has double walls made of stainless steel with very good thermal insulation properties.


  • Material:
    • yerbomos - double walls made of stainless steel - keeps the temperature for a long time,
    • screw cap, lid and bombilla - BPA-free plastic
  • capacity:  580 ml

Very functional and solid structure.

The tightness of the lid has been improved, but it is not recommended to turn the bottle at an angle greater than 45 degrees .


How to use? 

  • remove the cap and the top cover,
  • pour yerba mate into the cap,
  • close the cap with the top cover with a bombilla,
  • pour water into the yerbomos and you can drink.


After drinking the whole thing, you just need to refill the water in the yerbomosa.

Before you use it for the first time, pour boiling water over the yerbomos.

From now on, you can enjoy your favorite yerba whenever and wherever you want!

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