Ucuuba is an indigenous tree found in the Amazon floodplain, extending to the states of Maranhão and Pernambuco. The local name of the tree means fat (ucu) and tree (yba). This species prefers flooded regions and ranges in height from 25 to 35 m. A mature tree can produce 30 to 50 kg of seeds per year. The bark of the tree is rich in tannins as well as the hallucinogen dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

Its little red fruits are picked from the ground and the seeds from which the butter is obtained are very sweet. Local craftsmen make jewelry from them. 

Ucuuba butter has a brown-caramel color and a pleasant sweet smell of 'tofi' with a slightly spicy note. This hard butter with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties makes it perfect for cleansing the scalp and face. As an additive in shampoos and hair conditioners, it restores balance to the scalp and hair. 

Ucuuba butter is extremely rich in lauric, myristic and palmitic acids - crucial for the development of healthy cells, regulating the immune system and maintaining healthy skin and hair. Ucuuba butter is also rich in vitamins A and C and unsaturated fatty acids. Fatty acids prevent damage to the hair, improve its elasticity, prevent breakage and make the hair shinier. 

In Brazil, it is used to treat acne, eczema, and dry or irritated skin. Its anti-age properties make it a frequent ingredient in regenerating creams that improve skin tone and restore proper hydration.  


Country of origin: Amazonia / Brazil.

Composition / INCI: Virola sebifera seed butter

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