Brush for dry body peeling - Shy Deer

Why is it worth dry peeling the body?
This process:
- stimulates the body's self-cleaning,
- stimulates blood and lymph circulation,
- unblocks pores,
- prevents ingrown hairs after depilation,
- supports the fight against cellulite.
Thanks to this, our skin is cleansed, smooth, gains a healthy glow, and the active ingredients in body care products penetrate better and faster!
Directions for use:
Begin brushing your body from the toes upwards, always stroking towards your heart. The degree of cleansing, i.e. peeling, depends on the pressure of the brush against the body. The harder you press the brush, the more intense the effect will be.
After peeling is finished, clean the brush mechanically and then disinfect it.
Do not keep the brush in rooms with high humidity, such as a bathroom. Do not expose it to water / moisture, always dry it naturally, and do not dry it on heat sources such as a radiator or the sun.

The Shy Deer brush is made of beech wood. Its handy, fabric handle is made of cotton, while the bristles are natural agave fibers. The wood used for the production of the brush, as well as the wood used for the production of Shy Deer product packaging, is not impregnated, which in combination with other materials makes the brush 100% biodegradable!

The brush follows the principles of the zero waste philosophy - by dry brushing the body - you save water that you would use when performing wet body scrubs using traditional body scrubs.
Due to the fact that it is an organic product, it is worth replacing the brush every 3-4 months. 

Contraindications for brushing:

- inflammations,

- varicose veins,

- bacterial, fungal or viral infections,

- open wounds, fresh scars or purulent lesions.

- If you have pigmented lesions - avoid them!

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