Strawberry Honey 430 g

Awaited, fragrant holidays, delicious! 

Creamy honey with strawberry is a combination of natural multiflower honey from our apiary with 3% freeze-dried strawberries. 

A great choice for kids and adults.

A great tribute to our customers who have been asking about this connection for many seasons. 

We were tempted to do sweet experiments and here it is! 

Honey with strawberry - healthy sweets with a deep color, intense flavor and fruity power. Enjoy the taste of strawberries all year round!

Properties of Strawberry Honey:

  • all the properties of multi-flower honey combined with the values ​​of the strawberry fruit
  • multiflorous honey is recommended for allergic diseases of the respiratory tract, such as atopic (allergenic) bronchial asthma or hay fever
  • strawberry provides an addition of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc and manganese - a real mine of minerals!
  • the addition of strawberries enriches honey with additional vitamins contained in fruits - vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E as well as folic acid and fiber
  • strawberry fruit is a source of antioxidants 
  • Strawberry helps regulate the digestive system - it strengthens the intestinal peristalsis and supports digestion

Strawberry honey goes great with sandwiches, porridge, smoothies and ice cream. We can't help but eat it with a spoon straight from the jar! It tastes delicious and melts on warm toast. Yummy!

Thanks to the addition of freeze-dried strawberries, we have created a tasty, fragrant and natural health-promoting product. Thanks to the freeze-drying process, the strawberry has retained its properties, and when mixed with multiflorous honey, it will certainly serve your health in a tasty way.

Ingredients: multiflower nectar honey 97%, freeze-dried strawberry 3%

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