Specialty Coffee Brazil Colibri - Honey Latte - Espresso 250 g

Specialty quality coffee beans , roasted in a Polish, intimate roaster from Brazilian coffee beans.

Classic, high-quality coffee from the south-east of Brazil's Minas Gerais county. The coffees are grown on technologically advanced and socially responsible farms , sorted according to the size of the grain and defects in the grain are eliminated that could give a negative sensory experience while drinking. As a result, our espresso Colibri looks very sweet, has a round body and low acidity that resembles ripe stone fruit .

After collecting the coffee beans, they were processed by the oldest method, i.e. natural . The coffee is first dried in the sun and then the top layers are removed from the beans by hand. During drying, the fruit is cared for in a special way - evenly spreading it and throwing it so that it dries regularly. Thanks to long, artisanal drying, the Brazil Colibri Honey Latte coffee has a delicate taste that harmonizes well with milk. Perfect for people who are starting their adventure with specialty coffees.

Sensory Notes:

It is one of the favorite coffees of specialty coffee fans, thanks to its natural low acidity, sensory notes of nougat, buckwheat honey, sugar cane, spices and herbs. 

The chocolate, nutty, sugar character is perfect for a pressure espresso machine, coffee maker, french press and also in combination with warm, frothed milk.

We recommend:

The distinctive notes of sweetness and buckwheat honey in the Brazil Colibri Honey Latte coffee beg to be supplemented with honey! Especially in the edition of milk coffee, a teaspoon of buckwheat honey, honey with cinnamon or traditional honey will be perfect and will perfectly emphasize the taste of coffee.

Sensory Notes: Nougat, Buckwheat Honey, SUGAR CANE, SPICY NOTES


Botanical variety: CATUAI, MUNDO NOVO, TUPI, RUBI

Processing method: NATURAL

Height of cultivation: 1000 m above sea level

Firing rate:  ESPRESSO

Net weight: 250 g

Ingredients: COFFEE BEANS

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