Sklep Kolonialny WC Yerba Mate Kurupi Traditional 500 g

A real Indian yerba, like from the garden next to the house.

Yerba Mate Kurupi Traditional 500 g - ancient, pure yerba flavor


Kurupí Traditional is a Paraguayan yerba mate consisting of 100% Paraguay Holly - no additives. It has a strong, smoky aroma and high caffeine content. It is seasoned shorter than other types of yerba and this is where its distinctive flavor comes from. 

It also has more sticks than any other yerba. Its flavor is typically Paraguayan - different from the softer, less expressive Argentinean blends.


"A real Indian yerba, like from the garden next to the house. Seasoned shorter than normal commercial yerbas. It is like home-made wine or farm-style smoked ham. Produced without playing with subtleties and decorations. Like a good tartare or a simple steak.

More sticks, more caffeine, more smoke. I have been testing for several months and it is flawless. When I am more sleepy or when it is very hot, I drink Traditional instead of Menta & Boldo."

– Wojciech Cejrowski


Yerba Mate Kurupi Traditional 500 g

Yerba Mate Kurupi  Traditional is a distinctive South American drink - if you are looking for an energy boost that does not come from coffee, yerba mate will satisfy your thirst. Paraguayan yerba has an intense, smoky flavor and hits the head just as hard as an espresso. As a result, it provides natural stimulation and at the same time gently relaxes.


The taste of yerba mate and the traditions associated with it strong, bitter, herbal yerba mate has a very distinctive flavor. There is even a ritual associated with its consumption that celebrates the unique feeling it brings.

The ritual usually takes place in a park or some kind of open-air meeting place. Referring to the traditional way of drinking the drink. The practice requires matero, a  bombilla (a special drinking straw that filters out the tea leaves), and a thermos for transporting hot water.


Traditions related to drinking yerba mate

Traditionally, during the drinking process, the drinkers sit in a circle, and one person (called a bulbador ) fills the matero with leaves up to 2/3 of the vessel's height, adds some warm water to release the flavors, puts the bombilla into the matero - at an angle so that the straw does not clog - and at the end, he fills the vessel with hot water (never with boiling water, because it will burn the leaves). Then the matero is served from person to person and everyone sips the yerba over the bombilla.

When the matero is passed on to another person (only to the right), it is topped up with hot water, and with each subsequent pouring, the flavor of the leaves is intensified. If bitterness isn't your favorite thing, you can always add sugar or milk to your yerba mate - but if you want to drink like the locals do, take it without any additives!


How to drink traditional yerba mate?

Of course, this complicated process isn't the only way people drink yerba mate. Just like we drink morning coffee, many South Americans prepare yerba flasks to drink throughout the day for energy.


Ingredients of Yerba Mate Kurupi  Tradicional:

  • Leaves, sticks, dust - 100% yerba mate ( Ilex paraguariensis).

The drought is small, dusty and that's what it should be, because the dust is the one that evaporates the most flavor, and the extra sticks prevent the bombilla from clogging.


All herbs packaged for commercial purposes have dust. It settles on the bottom during transport. Therefore, before opening the package, you need to shake it so that the individual fractions (dust, leaves and fine twigs / nerves) are mixed evenly (the dust has moved from the bottom to the top).


That is why Wojciech Cejrowski recommends yerba cans - you open a packet of yerba, pour the herbs into the can with a dispenser and shake it vigorously before each pouring a new portion into the vessel to mix everything like in a shaker.

The percentage of each fraction in yerba is regulated by national and company standards; must fall within specific ranges.


Yerba Mate Kurup i Traditional:

  • it stimulates, but in a natural way (does not cause an artificial kick),
  • improves concentration,
  • refreshes,
  • regulates bowels and digestion.

Taste and Aroma:
Slightly tart, without any decorations or jammers. The smell is clean, smoky, green, which means it smells like hay. This yerba is recommended for lovers of strong yerba mate.


Country of origin:
Paraguay - from the Paraguayan Santa Margarita plantation, located in the state of Misiones, in the south of the country.


Masa netto: 500 g

Yerba is packed in old-style paper packaging. Packaged in Paraguay for Wojciech Cejrowski.

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