Sklep Kolonialny WC Yerba Mate Kurupi Sabor Citrus 500 g

Refreshing yerba mate with the flavor of fresh lemons.


Yerba Mate Kurupí Sabor Citrus is a treat for fans of citrus fruits. Kurupi Citrus is a herbal mint-citrus infusion with a rich smoky aroma - a combination of classic yerba with refreshing lemon. 

The composition is complemented by natural additives, such as peppermint and orca boldo, whose expressive notes are very noticeable.

Citrus yerba ?! Mr. WC, what is it?

"The same as in tea in which someone throws a lemon. Herb with zither - that's what we used to say in the dormitory - and now there is also yerba with zither, for those who like zither. In Paraguay, all sorts of things are added to yerba. Well, for example, Indians drink Tereré (cold yerba) with the addition of honey and lemon. They dissolve the honey in water, squeeze a lemon into the water, and then pour it over the yerba, which comes out terribly sweet. That's how Indians like it. I am not. Yerba mate Kurupi Sabor Citrus is a yerba twisted with citrus. The best yerba I know, with the addition of a few herbs - perfect for terere and as a refreshing drink on cooler days. In the composition, in addition to the Paraguay holly, there are mint, boldo, cedron and verbena. The lemon aroma completes the whole."

- Wojciech Cejrowski


How does it work, ingredients and Yerba Mate Kurupí Sabor Citrus

Kurupí Citrus is the kind of yerba that gives refreshment - so needed on hot days! However, this is not its only advantage, as it also supports the functioning of important internal organs, especially the liver and spleen.


The secret ingredient of Kurupí Citrus yerba is lemon verbena, which soothes the bitterness of Paraguay holly, giving the brew a flavor reminiscent of orange peel. Lemon verbena also has healing properties - it is sometimes used as a remedy against depression, and it also helps fight colds and fever.


Common verbena is an ingredient of Kurupí Citrus, which strengthens concentration, stimulates the senses and gives energy. It also positively influences our creativity and performance. Common verbena is a kind of cruise control for our nervous system . An interesting fact is that it is used in the production of drugs for insomnia and neurosis.


The other ingredients of Yerba Mate Kurupí Citrus are: orca boldo, peppermint, an identical citrus aroma, as well as crushed leaves and stalks of Paraguayan holly (yerba mate) . The dust generated during the process of grinding the leaves is a guarantee of the strength and unique taste of yerba, while the stems - called palitos - prevent the bombilla from clogging while drinking the brew.


"All herbs packaged for commercial purposes have dust. During transport, dust settles on the underside. Therefore, before opening the package, you need to shake it so that the individual fractions (dust, leaves and fine twigs / nerves) are mixed evenly (the dust has moved from the bottom to the top). 

That is why the Wojciech Cejrowski recommends yerba cans - you open a packet of yerba, pour it into a can with a dispenser and before each pouring a new portion into the vessel, shake the can vigorously to mix everything like in a shaker."

PS. The percentage of each fraction in yerba is regulated by national and company standards; must fall within specific ranges.


The taste and brewing of Kurupí Sabor Citrus

So what does Yerba Mate Kurupí Citrus taste like ? Imagine a traditional, bitter aftertaste with refreshing notes of lemon and mint . The dried fruit of this Kurupí blend is of excellent quality and is distinguished by a very fresh citrus note. This combination is a perfect compilation that will bring coolness on summer days, and in the fall it will be an alternative to lemon tea.


The method of brewing Yerba Mate Kurupi Sabor Citrus:

  • pour ¼ to ½ of the vessel volume, about 150 ml;
  • pour water with a temperature of up to 80 degrees C;
  • on summer days, we can pour cold water and add an ice cube (terere);
  • remember that the same herb can be used several times.


Yerba Mate Kurupí Sabor Citrus - package contents

Yerba Kurupí Citrus is sold in our store in packages containing 0.5 kg of dried fruit, which is enough to brew many portions of the drink. It is worth remembering that it is recommended to brew yerba repeatedly and use it until the end. Importantly, Kurupí Citrus can be flooded with both cold (Tereré) and hot water .

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