Sklep Kolonialny WC Yerba Mate Kurupi Menta Boldo 500 g

Refreshing yerba with a distinctive mint flavor

  • This is a good choice if you are using yerba for the first time.


Yerba Mate Kurupi Menta Boldo in a 0.5 kg package is an option for those who like strong, striking refreshment of mint. 

This type of yerba mate is a natural blend of Paraguay Holly and herbs that represent boldo, and peppermint. 

Such a combination of ingredients guarantees a distinctive taste, with the dominant note of mint. Pleasant aroma, great taste, perceptible ingredients.


Yerba Mate Kurupi Menta Boldo is a mixture that we can recommend for the hot summer season, due to the refreshment it gives, and for autumn evenings, e.g. as a substitute for tea with lemon.

I drink this particular yerba every day. Kurupi Menta Boldo is a tasty herbal mixture with the addition of peppermint and boldo. Pleasant in taste (which is difficult to say about many other yerbachas). Also good cold (in the form of terere).

- Wojciech Cejrowski


Yerba Mate Kurupi Menta Boldo and its pro-health values

Yerba Mate Kurupi Menta Boldo is not only a taste sensation. This drink also has a whole range of pro-health benefits. Mint and boldo have a very positive effect on the digestive system , greatly supporting the work of the liver. In addition, peppermint gives us refreshment and a wonderful, pleasant aftertaste in the mouth and fresh breath .

The complementary ingredients of Yerba Mate Kurupi Menta Boldo are dust and finely cut, ground yerba twigs . Dust plays a key role here, because it is responsible for flavor steaming and the stimulating effect of caffeine.


Ingredients of Yerba Mate Kurupi Menta Boldo:
• dust and finely chopped ground yerba leaves with the addition of:
• large twigs of yerba mate (Paraguayan holly - Ilex paraguariensis ),
• orca boldo ( Peumus boldus ),
• peppermint ( Mentha x piperita ).


"All herbs packaged for commercial purposes have dust. During transport, dust settles on the underside. 

Therefore, before opening the package, you need to shake it so that the individual fractions (dust, leaves and fine twigs / nerves) are mixed evenly (the dust has moved from the bottom to the top).

That is why Wojciech Cejrowski recommends yerba cans - you open a packet of yerba, a can with a compass and shake the can vigorously before each pouring a new portion into it, to extravasate the dishes like in a shaker."

PS. The percentage of each fraction in yerba is regulated by national and company standards; must fall within specific ranges.


How does it work:

  • pleasantly stimulates,
  • improves concentration and mental acuity,
  • improves digestion and intestinal peristalsis,
  • speeds up metabolism,
  • provides vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and antioxidants.


Taste and aroma: pleasant herbal aroma with a strong mint note, with a noticeable bitterness .


Country of origin:
 - from the Paraguayan Santa Margarita plantation, located in the state of Misiones, in the south of the country.


Net weight:  500 g

Yerba is packed in a sealed plastic packaging so as not to lose its aroma.

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