Sklep Kolonialny WC Yerba Mate Kurupi Con Anis 500 g

A mixture of the well-known Kurupi yerba mate with anise.


Yerba Mate Kurupi Con Anis - yerba mate and anise

Yerba Mate Kurupi Con Anis is the taste of the famous Paraguayan yerba mate with ground anise seeds. Anise has interesting properties that speed up the digestive processes , so we feel easier after meals, and also has a relaxing effect. Interesting spicy flavor of the brew with intense strength, so you can pour it over and over again .


Ingredients: Yerba mate plus dust and finely cut leaves:

  • pieces of yerba mate twigs of paraguayan holly ( Ilex paraguariensis ),
  • aniseed ( Pimpinella anisum L. ).

The strength of the taste lasts for a long time and can be poured over it many times.

The dust in the mixture is important because it evaporates most of the flavor and caffeine. And thanks to the twigs, the tube (bombilla) does not clog.

"All herbs packaged for commercial purposes have dust. During transport, dust settles on the underside. Therefore, before opening the package, you need to shake it so that the individual fractions (dust, leaves and fine twigs / nerves) are mixed evenly (the dust has moved from the bottom to the top). 

That is why the Wojciech Cejrowski recommends yerba cans - you open a packet of yerba, pour it into a can with a dispenser and before each pouring a new portion into the vessel, shake the can vigorously to mix everything like in a shaker."

PS. The percentage of each fraction in yerba is regulated by national and company standards; must fall within specific ranges.


How does it work:

  • intensely stimulating,
  • slightly stimulates digestion,
  • relaxes and relaxes.


Taste and Aroma:
  • slightly spicy aroma
  • sweet, but not bland,
  • strong anise flavor reduces the smoky aroma of yerba mate.

Perfect for warmth and as a basis for cold terrain on hot days.


Country of origin:
Paraguay - from the Paraguayan Santa Margarita plantation, located in the state of Misiones, in the south of the country.
Packaged in Paraguay for Wojciech Cejrowski.

Net weight: 500 g
Yerba is packed in a plastic, airtight packaging so as not to lose its aroma.

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