Sklep Kolonialny WC Yerba Mate Kurupi Cocido 25 sachets

Yerba Mate Kurupi Cocido in sachets - a convenient option for loose yerba. 

You can take it with you on a trip and wherever you do not have access to your matero and bombilla.


Yerba Mate Kurupi Cocido - classic yerba mate without any additives

Yerba mate closed in tea bags. Express yerba mate, a comfortable version to take with you to work or on a trip. It will work wherever we do not have the possibility to prepare the traditional yerba mate drink.


  • leaves, sticks, dust - 100% yerba mate (Holly Paraguay - Ilex paraguariensis )

Each sachet contains 3 grams of pure dried yerba mate. Since it is a small grammage, the drying for this yerba is especially selective. The chosen flavor is strong and the richest in caffeine.


Yerby Kurupí are gluten free.

How does it work:

  • pleasantly stimulates the whole body,
  • stimulates concentration,
  • refreshes the mind,
  • improves digestion


Taste and Aroma:
The taste of traditional yerba mate. Less bitterness due to the low basis weight of the dried fruit.

Country of origin:

Net weight: 25 x 3 g
Yerba packed in sachets.

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