Sklep Kolonialny WC Yerba mate Guarani Maracuya 500g

Smoky aromas intertwine with an exotic aftertaste.


Yerba mate Guarani Maracuya

Stimulating yerba mate Guarani Maracuya, which has been broken with the fruity taste of passion fruit.

Classic smoky yerba with a sweet aftertaste. The dried fruit smells like herbal and slightly mint yerba species. 

Only after preparing the infusion, you can feel the fruity accents in the foreground.

Despite the fact that yerba Mate Guarani Maracuya is not very intense, its mild and harmonious aroma remains even after many refills of water.


  • finely cut yerba mate with twigs and a fairly medium amount of dust,
  • passion fruit oil


Yerba's country of origin: Paraguay

Masa netto: 500 g

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