Sklep Kolonialny WC Yerba Mate Green Silueta 200 g

A composition with a delicate and sweet taste

A good choice for beginner mateists.


Delicious sweet yerba mate composition with refreshing additions. Its composition includes wonderful herbal raw materials used in monastic medicine for a long time: mint leaves, fennel fruits and rosehips.

Brazilian green mate, which is more delicate in taste than Paraguayan or Argentinean . Grown in shady places and therefore has much less bitterness .

Drought for Yerba Mate Green Silueta is dried in special dryers without smoke according to the recommendations of recognized growers from the Rio Grande do Sul area . This process prevents the leaves from losing flavor.

Each sip of the infusion is a portion of natural caffeine in a brew free of allergens and artificial additives.


Ingredients of Yerba Mate Green Silueta:

  • 93% yerba mate green (Paraguay Holly - Ilex paraguariensis ) - a combination of heart leaves and holly sticks
  • mint leaf ,
  • rosehip fruit ,
  • fennel fruit ,
  • natural apple flavor.

Completely dust-free, which minimizes bitterness.


Taste and Aroma:

  • delicate, slightly sweet taste,
  • a slightly stimulating infusion that will not overwhelm beginner yerba enthusiasts with the taste,
  • the taste of holly corresponds with the freshness of the mint and the sweetness of the apple.


Yerba's country of origin: Brazil
Weight: 200 g

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