Sklep Kolonialny WC Yerba Mate Green ORIENTAL 400g

A fruit proposal and not as bitter as described by noble yerba mate!

Mate Green is dried without smoke, only with dry air.


The main ingredient of the mixture are dried leaves and sticks of Paraguay holly in the noble mate green variety, which, thanks to their cultivation in shady plantations and drying without the use of smoke , provide the infusion with a subtle flavor without bitter notes.

Yerba Mate Green Oriental is a composition with the unique taste of delicate yerba mate, enriched with a bouquet of fruit and flowers . 

Here we find rosehip fruit , a romantic orange peel , dried blackcurrant fruit and sour hibiscus . It also contains dried Peruvian mycelium , a plant known for its qualities, among others , to South American Indians for hundreds of years.

The slight bitterness of the infusion almost disappears after the second pour. It can be poured even 6 times.


The basic ingredient is Mate Green from Brazil - a noble variety of mate. Drought contains approx. 95% leaves and 5% sticks. A small amount of sticks and dust. 

The majority of green leaves are cut, depending on the batch, from 3 to even 6 mm. Drought is free of dust , which significantly reduces bitterness.

  • 93% yerba mate green ( Ilex paraguariensis ) - a combination of holly leaves, sticks and stems,
  • rose fruit,
  • hibiskus,
  • black currant fruit,
  • Peruvian moth,
  • orange peel ,
  • natural flavor.

If you drink mate in the form of terere with ice water, this mixture will work very well.


Taste and Aroma:

  • delicate but rich taste,
  • very delicate bitterness of holly is broken by the acidity of Peruvian apple and hibiscus,
  • noticeable aroma of orange peel.

The natural aroma lasts up to 6 refills.


Yerba's country of origin: Brazil
Weight: 400 g

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