Sklep Kolonialny WC Yerba Mate Green Dragon Fruit 500g

The Mate Green Dragon Fruit composition is mild and very fruity in one!

The basis of this composition is the noble yerba mate green . Grown in shady plantations , which makes it delicate and eliminates bitterness from the infusion . 

It is not smoked, so you get a high-quality infusion with a subtle taste.


The addition of dragon fruit, or pitaya, brings an exotic touch to the mix . The Maya used the leaves and flowers of the dragon fruit as a means of lowering blood sugar (or blood sugar) and also as a diuretic . 

Contemporary literature confirms that pitaya is a fruit with health-promoting properties. All thanks to the high antioxidant potential of the fruit - dragon fruit is a source of polyphenols, betalain and ascorbic acid .

In addition of Peruvian ginseng together with Siberian ginseng create an ideal duo.


The composition of this yerba is also wilkakora , the so-called. cat's claw or fluffy claw . It is a climber from the Amazon jungle that has been used by indigenous shamans and healers for hundreds of years. The Indians believed that it prolonged life and consumed it every day to prevent all diseases and strengthen the body.

The slight bitterness of the infusion almost disappears after the second pour. It can be poured even 6 times.

Mate Green  is dried without smoke, only with dry air.



The basic ingredient is Mate Green from Brazil - a noble variety of mate. Drought contains about 95% leaves and 5% sticks. 

A small amount of sticks and dust. The majority of green leaves are cut, depending on the batch, from 3 to even 6 mm. 

Drought is free of dust , which significantly reduces bitterness.

  • 93% yerba mate green ( Ilex paraguariensis ) - a combination of holly leaves, sticks and stems,
  • cut dill ,
  • 2% dragon fruit,
  • Peruvian moth,
  • Siberian ginseng cut root,
  • natural flavors.

Drought can be poured over with cold water and drunk in the form of Tereré . Perfect for summer heat to cool down the body.


Taste and Aroma:

  • balanced aroma,
  • very fruity taste,
  • the mildness of this yerba makes it perfect for beginner

The natural aroma lasts up to 6 refills.


Yerba's country of origin: Brazil
Masa netto: 500 g

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