Sklep Kolonialny WC Yerba mate El Pajaro Guarana 400g

El Pajaro Guarana is an offer for lovers of strong arousal.

  • energizes not only thanks to a decent dose of caffeine from the leaves, but also thanks to guarana


An energetic mixture that stimulates thanks to a large dose of caffeine from yerba mate leaves and powdered, strong guarana.


Drought contains leaves with sticks and yerba dust.

  • 98% yerba mate , elaborada (Paraguayan holly - Ilex paraguariensis ),
  • 2% powdered guarana ,
  • aromas of lime and lychee .

Taste and Aroma:

  • clear bitterness with a slight guarana aftertaste
  • the aromas of lime and lychee make the mixture very refreshing.
Country of origin: Paraguay
Weight: 400 g

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