On foot to the ORINOKO Springs



403 pages


A journey through Venezuela in a special edition:
- embossing on the cover, gilded edge, gilded letters and a ribbon bookmark.


An original gift - On foot to the ORINOKO Springs in a special edition!


A unique edition of the book On foot to the ORINOKO. The book by Wojciech Cejrowski, the richest in adventures - now additionally beautifully published.

  • bound in leather
  • stamping on the cover
  • gilded edge
  • gilded letters
  • ribbon bookmark


"I like old books - bound in leather with embossing, or canvas, books with gilded edges with a sewn-in ribbon to mark where I read. That is why I sometimes buy myself pre-war editions of Sienkiewicz, old prayer books or have new books bound in the old way.

The bookbinder asks why, it is expensive and there is no point in framing something new… And I told him that it makes sense, because something like that lies in the hand differently and I read it better."


Due to my personal preference and old-fashioned taste, I had a short series of "Orinoco" produced in a luxurious version - embossed on the cover, gilded edge, gilded letters and a ribbon to mark where you read.

It's good for a gift, because it's original. The book itself is very good, and it LOOKS.

- Wojciech Cejrowski


The book describes Wojciech Cejrowski's journey across Venezuela. It starts in Colombia - The author takes us through a dangerous borderland overrun by smuggling gangs. 


Then we spend some time in the Venezuelan savannah, the land of local cowboys, where you live a bit like in the western ... In the middle of the book we reach the city in the jungle, where the author organizes an expedition up the Orinoco River; to guarded and closed areas. 


For this job, he hires emerald smugglers, because they have their own secret passages and methods as well as the appropriate equipment.

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