Sklep Kolonialny WC - Japanese gyokuro green tea 100 g

Japanese green tea gyokuro - luxurious Japanese tea!

This is the best Japanese green tea ! Unlike Sencha, it is grown in the shade . Just before the harvest, the plantations are covered with bamboo mats

This action is to force the plant to produce a lot of chlorophyll and the leaves turn a dark green color.


The taste is described as highly grassy , ​​even vegetable. The tea has no bitterness and the umami flavor is strongly felt.



  • 100% green Japanese gyokuro tea


Green Tea Benefits:
  • supports the anti-cancer effect,
  • anti-diabetic,
  • antiatherosclerotic,
  • improves cerebral circulation (prevents Alzheimer's disease),
  • regulates intestinal peristalsis and metabolism.


Brewing method:

Put 2 teaspoons of dried fruit into a cup (120 ml) and pour water at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and infuse for a maximum of 2 minutes.


Weight: 100 g

Packaging: ZIP string bag.

The tea is tightly closed to keep it fresh for a long time.

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