Sklep Kolonialny WC - Ethiopian Sidamo coffee, ground 250 g

Excellent coffee from the Sidamo region. 

African coffee Ethiopia (Ethiopian toll) from the region of Sidamo (the motherland of coffee) - its grain is considered the most interesting grain in the world. It is obtained in very primitive, even primal ways.


100% Arabica - ground

  • a very rich, strong and spicy aroma
  • balanced acidity
  • it is not strong, but it has an unusual fruit and wine aftertaste: from lemon (when eaten warm) to peach (when cooled down)
  • higher caffeine content from 2 to 2.5%


Excellent soil and climatic conditions as well as extremely careful cultivation make Sidamo distinguished by its unique taste and aroma among Ethiopian coffees.

Perfect for brewing in espresso machines and in a cup.

Weight: 250 g

The coffee is freshly roasted and delivered directly from the private coffee roaster.

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