Sklep Kolonialny WC - Coffee From Two Corners Of The World (House Blend) beans 500g

A combination of classic Brazilian flavor with exotic Indonesian notes.

100% Arabica

Weight: 500 g


Profile: dark chocolate, caramel, sweet fruit, heavy body.


Coffee roasted in a roaster Podkawa is handcrafted, in small batches, so that it is always fresh.

Two sides of the world coffee - beans 500 g

A blend that starts with rich syrup, sweet fruit, caramel and ends with deep chocolate. 


100% Arabica - grainy. Unique combination of coffee beans with:

  • Brazil - Cerrado,
  • Indonesia - from the island of Flores,
  • Indonesia - from the island of Jawa.


Coffee Description: 100% Arabica:


  • 45% Arabica Brazil Cerrado Mineiro
  • 45% Arabica Flores Beiposo
  • 10% Arabica Jawa Iljen
Origin: Indonesia, Brazil
Treatment: natural - full city + roast
Smoking: italian roast
Notes: dark chocolate, fruit, caramel


Packed in a special zip-up bag with a valve - it prevents the coffee from airing.

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