Sklep Kolonialny WC - Christmas coffee, whole beans 250 g

Perfect for the holiday season - it contains cinnamon, sweet vanilla and juicy orange.

Aromatic, warming coffee with a flavor of cinnamon, vanilla and orange. A great alternative to the little black dress. 

A real feast for the senses. The basis of this flavored coffee is Colombia Excelso . Its not too acidic and balanced character fits perfectly with the highest quality aromas.


Cicha Noc coffee can be brewed traditionally and using alternative methods. It is a perfect addition to Christmas pastries.


It is recommended to drink Silent Night coffee with a little milk, which perfectly adds depth and emphasizes its aroma and festive taste.



  • 100% of the highest quality Arabica, 
  • 2% flavored oils.

The taste of cinnamon, vanilla and orange.

Due to the added aroma, it is not recommended to use it in automatic machines.


Country of origin of the coffee: Colombia

Weight: 250 g

The coffee is freshly roasted and delivered directly from the private coffee roaster.

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