Can + Yaguar Papaya 500 g

Yerbera - functional can with dispenser, filled with delicious Yaguar Papaya yerba:

  • delicate fruit composition
    • brazilian, wild yerba mate,
    • papaya,
    • mango
    • with the addition of calendula and lemongrass.


Weight: 500 g


A metal can with a special dispenser allows you to conveniently pour herbs into the dish. The can is tightly closed and protects the herbs against airing. In the middle is 500 g of yerba mate Yaguar Papaya . After emptying the can, you can refill it with your favorite herb.

Yaguar Papaya has excellent taste and energy properties. It is made of the highest quality holly, which is grown in a wild ecosystem - without the addition of chemicals and pesticides. Thanks to long maturing (maturing), which lasts 18 months, the infusion is almost devoid of bitterness,  while maintaining a high amount of natural caffeine.



  • yerba mate growing up in a tropical forest ( Ilex paraguariensis ) - a combination of leaves, sticks and a small amount of dust,
  • papaya cube ,
  • mango cube ,
  • marigold petals ,
  • lemongrass,
  • natural aroma.


A perfect mix of yerba mate with fruit that will stimulate you and quench your thirst.

Yaguar Papaya is a delicate fruit composition of yerba mate , papaya , mango with the addition of calendula and lemongrass , which gives it a slightly acidic character.


Taste and Aroma:

  • a sweet aroma neutralized by slightly acidic lemongrass,
  • tropical fruit flavor,
  • delicate bitterness of yerba mate.

Yerba's country of origin: Brazil - Parana

Can dimensions:

  • height: 180 mm
  • width: 140 mm
  • depth: 88 mm

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