Sklep Kolonialny WC Can + Guarani Katuava 500g

Yerbera - a functional dispenser can filled with Guarani Katuava

  • a mixture of green yerba mate with rowan and very popular in South America katuava
  • solid stimulation, without strong bitterness!


Practical yerbera with 500 g of Guarani Katuava in it

A convenient dispenser can filled with Guarani Katuava, with a large amount of natural caffeine . The closed lid allows you to refill yerba in a can many times. A can is the best way to  store yerba mash and, most importantly, it will last for years.


  • finely cut yerba mate with twigs and quite a lot of dust,
  • katuava with a stimulating effect,
  • buritto, which soothes the digestive system.

Taste and Aroma:

  • smoky spicy and herbal aroma,
  • the fresh mint scent of buritto.


Yerba's country of origin: Paraguay
Weight: 500 g

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