Sklep Kolonialny WC - Black and fruit tea TANGO 100 g

TANGO black-fruit tea

The subtle combination of pieces of mango, kiwi, peach, pineapple and pomegranate with cornflower and safflower flowers gives this mixture a unique charm.

Hibiscus softens the coppery color of black tea and gives the infusion a slightly burgundy color. 

Tropical flavors against the background of expressive black Kenyan tea create a unique proposition for moments of rest at any time of the day.


The basis of Mango Twist is black Kenia Milima leaf tea - the highest quality dried leaves that provide a rich aroma and a deep taste without bitterness. 

By drinking this tea regularly, you will provide yourself with flavonoids that delay the aging process.


Mango tea is tasty at any time of the year. It will warm you up in winter and refresh you in summer!


Black tea with additives:
  • hibiscus
  • mango fruit 
  • kiwi fruit 
  • peach fruit 
  • pineapple fruit 
  • pomegranate fruit 
  • cornflower flowers 
  • safflower flowers 


Brewing method:

- put a teaspoon of dried fruit into a cup (240 ml),

- pour the dried with boiled water at 100 degrees Celsius,

- steep, covered, for 3 to 5 minutes.


Country of origin of black tea: Kenya

Weight: 100 g

The tea is tightly closed to keep its aroma for a long time.

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