Sklep Kolonialny Kurupi Cedron 500g

Yerba is considered the "drink of the gods" by many indigenous Indians in South America!


Yerba Mate Kurupi Cedron Kapiˊi y Menta - yerba with peppermint and lemongrass

It is refreshing as little as anything. Perfect for hot weather, when yerba is poured with ice water (then we call it Tereré), and not drunk hot (as mate ). In autumn and winter, it is also perfect when you want a tea with lemon.

Yerba Mate, like coffee , comes in a variety of flavors and is prepared in a variety of ways. Mate from different regions of South America has distinct flavors and aromas unique to each area. 

Each yerba mate has a slightly tart and bitter taste due to the high tannin content in the leaves. 

Scientists have found that the leaves of younger plants contain more tannins than the leaves of older, more mature plants. Moreover, products with more stems will typically have a more woody flavor than pure mate. 

As with other bitter beverages such as black coffee, beer and tea, some consumers have embraced plain yerba mate. However, it is worth experimenting and trying Yerba Mate Kurupí Cedron Kapiˊi y Menta - this is it yerba with peppermint and lemongrass.


Yerba Mate Kurupi Cedron Kapiˊi y Menta

When you try peppermint and lemongrass yerba for the first time, you might just hate it for the first tart sip - but you'll surely get to grips with it later. These are the unique things - you have to know them to love them. 

Over time, the flavors you can experience, from bitter, woody, grassy, ​​to mint, lemon and fruit, will appeal to you and you will not be able to do without them anymore. What a strange out of this world experience in one herbal blend!


Yerba with lemongrass and peppermint

This stimulating herbal drink has the unique ability to awaken the mind without causing the nervousness and trembling of the hands that can occur when drinking coffee. 

Recognized as the "drink of the gods" by many Native Americans in South America and known as the "green gold of Indios" among the people of Europe, yerba mate has many health benefits that have begun to attract the attention of American scientists and consumers. 

Yerba is said to have the power of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the joy of eating chocolate.

Yerba mate contains a lot of antioxidants. These are incredibly useful compounds that can reduce or slow down cell damage - or rather, the aging process. Since it also contains caffeine, it can help you feel less tired and even improve your physical performance.


Yerba Mate Kurupi Cedron Kapiˊi y Menta is an energizing infusion with mint and lemongrass that will stimulate all your senses, bringing a wave of freshness with each sip. Long-lasting energy and yerba mate go hand in hand!

Yerba mate with the herbal taste of fresh mint, with the right acidity of lemongrass and a hint of lemon verbena is a natural stimulant containing caffeine and theobromine - a blend that allows slower absorption of caffeine. Thanks to this, you get a continuous dose of energy without immediate stimulation, as in the case of coffee.



Yerba mate dust and finely cut leaves and:

  • pieces of yerba mate twigs (Paraguayan holly - Ilex paraguariensis ),
  • peppermint ( Mentha x piperita ),
  • lemongrass ( Cymbopogon citractus ),
  • lemon verbena aroma, identical to the natural one.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogoncitractus ), also known as lemongrass, gives a pleasant lemon-ginger aroma. The main benefit of lemongrass is that it gives a fresh, subtle lemon flavor - the acidity that is characteristic of lemon.

It improves mood, acts as an antidepressant, stimulates the nervous system, short-term memory and facilitates learning. It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, blood circulation and is warming.

Peppermint ( Mentha x piperita ) gives the mixture a refreshing smell and taste and helps with digestive ailments.

The dust in the mixture is important because it evaporates most of the flavor and caffeine. And thanks to the twigs, the tube (bombilla) does not clog.


All herbs packaged for commercial purposes have dust. During transport, dust settles on the underside. 

Therefore, before opening the package, you need to shake it so that the individual fractions (dust, leaves and fine twigs / nerves) are mixed evenly (the dust has moved from the bottom to the top).


That is why Wojciech Cejrowski recommends yerba cans - you open a packet of yerba, pour it into the can with a dispenser and shake it vigorously before each pouring a new portion into the vessel to mix everything like in a shaker.


The percentage of each fraction in yerba is regulated by national and company standards; must fall within specific ranges.


How does it work:

  • stimulates in a nice way (does not give an artificial kick),
  • improves the processes of association, remembering and concentration ,
  • stimulates digestion,
  • warms up the body ,
  • soothes the digestive system.


Taste and Aroma: 
A refreshing lemon aroma with a refreshing mint flavor. It is also delicate, for those who do not like bitterness, and has a typical yerba flavor.

Country of origin:
Paraguay - from the Paraguayan Santa Margarita plantation, located in the state of Misiones, in the south of the country.

Packages were also carried out in Paraguay for Wojciech Cejrowski.
The best sort of goods, not just any brush, because ... in Paraguay they know the Wojciech Cejrowski and would be afraid to send anything 😉

Net weight: 500 g
Yerba is packed in a plastic, airtight packaging so as not to lose its aroma.

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