Shelled Hemp Seeds 150g


This is one of the most nutritious products that nature has given us!

Shelled hemp seeds are a source of protein. Protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass, helps maintain muscle mass and healthy bones.

They are characterized by a delicate, nutty flavor.


How to use: You can use, among others as an addition to bread, soups, pasta, cocktails and desserts.

Net weight: 150 g

Ingredients: 100% hemp seeds (Cannabis Sativa L.)

Interesting facts:

  • Did you know ... hemp seeds were the Buddha's favorite delicacy?
  • From hemp seeds, you can prepare traditional siemieniotka soup, otherwise known as hempiotka, which is considered a traditional Christmas Eve soup in Silesia. According to folk tradition, it was cooked in Bethlehem after Jesus was born to feed the guests? It was very time-consuming and labor-intensive for a long time because it was prepared from unshelled hemp seeds. Today you can prepare a seed potato in 15 minutes using shelled seeds and it will be a great base for many soups! Siemieniotka is included in the list of traditional dishes of the Ministry of Agriculture, and its taste is described as "velvety, sweet and salty, with a slight milky aftertaste".

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