Set Tin with Yerba Mate Guarani and Accessories

Set Tin with Yerba Mate Guarani Energy and accessories

Set contains:

A metal colored tin from Guarani Energia, the can has a convenient, practical dispenser that allows you to easily pour yerba into the dish. And yerba stored in a can retains its aroma, color and taste for longer.


Guarani Energia is one of the best proposals in its class. Classic Paraguayan mate with a characteristic bitterness gives an unusual stimulating effect after just a few sips. It maintains its wonderful properties for a long time. The Guarani brand entered the market in 2017 and quickly gained recognition and popularity among mate connoisseurs.

Composition of yerba: yerba mate (Ilex Paraguariensis) 95%, guarana powder 5%, leaves, sticks, dried, dust.

Taste: Smoky Paraguayan bitterness, enriched with guarana. It intrigues with its taste, which does not dominate the perception of this aromatic infusion.

Benefits: Perfectly hydrates and strongly stimulates.


The traditional way of brewing - in South America. the drought is poured in an amount of 1/4 to 3/4 of the vessel's volume and poured over with water at the temperature of 70-80 degrees C. The same drought can be poured over many times until it loses its taste.
Store in a dry place in a sealed package.

Country of origin: Paraguay

Weight: 500g


The dimensions of the can: height 18 cm, width 14 cm, depth 9 cm.


Black ceramic matero with the Guarani logo, made of the highest quality ceramic clay. Its form resembles a classic gourd. It is characterized by high durability and a beautiful finish in the form of original red glaze.
Dimensions: hole diameter: 5cm, height: 10cm, capacity: 350ml.

Bombilla with a trademark , made of stainless steel, with a spoon-shaped strainer,
Dimensions: length: 19 cm.

Bombilla cleaner, dimensions: length: 15.5 cm.

Cork pad, dimensions: 9.5 cm in diameter.

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