Set in a box Yerba Mate El Pajaro

The El PAJARO set in a decorative box is a perfect gift for yerba lovers.

Kit components:

1.Yerba Mate El Pajaro Guarana

Mega strong combination of Paraguayan yerba mate with the addition of natural, pure and powdered guarana fruit. The basis of yerba mate EL PAJARO GUARANA is a high-quality Paraguayan drought - elaborada, which includes both leaves, particles and small sticks of Paraguay holly.
Weight: 400 grams.

2.Ceramic Matero in green with decorative graphics.
The ceramic matero is suitable for all types of yerb. It is shaped like a gourd and completely glazed. They can be washed in the dishwasher.
Dimensions: height: 11 cm, hole diameter: 5 cm, capacity: 350 ml

3. Spoon-shaped stainless steel bombilla.

The most classic and universal yerba mate bombilla made of stainless steel, finished with an appropriately filtering, quite dense strainer, suitable for all types of herbs. The width of the filter itself is 26mm, so the bombilla can be used with any type of vessel, especially with narrow gourds.

Dimensions: length 19 cm

4. Colorful El Pajaro gift box with a window.
Dimensions: height: 25 cm, width: 28 cm, depth: 11 cm.

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