Rye Flour from the grain of Wojciech Cejrowski type 720 5 kg

Wojciech Cejrowski's rye flour

  • no spraying,
  • no fertilizers,
  • without additionals



Date of grinding the flour in the mill: 02/28/2022.
We are obliged by law to stamp the use-by date 90 days from the date of production. 

Rye flour type 720

When the Baker started making bread out of my rye, you started asking for flour - many people bake their own bread on their own.
Here you go - there is flour. From pure rye, which I grow 3x WITHOUT = no fertilizers, no spraying and no additives.

Date of grinding the flour: 02/28/2022


"Ladies and Gentlemen, We
make flour from my rye on a regular basis, in small batches, it never stays in the warehouse for months and is ALWAYS FRESH. We take care of it.
The fact that the bags from the mill say "should be eaten before ..." is another annoying recipe that spoils people's lives.
The flour can be kept for a year without any problems, and the grains can be used for flour for much longer. As long as it is natural, not modified grain. Mine is - natural, normal, ancient, pre-war.
After the harvest, my grandfather went to the mill and ordered the stock to be milled for a year, that is until the next harvest.
So please do not be afraid when you see a strangely short deadline on the packages. This does NOT mean that it is old flour.
For the next portion, I will ask the miller to additionally write when the grain has been ground - then it will be visible from a distance that my flour is fresh."



"On the occasion of starting the production of flour, I found out how much trouble it is now. During my childhood, the mills transactions were simple. We took a cart a few sacks of rye and returned in a cart with a few sacks of flour, and the Miller took some of our flour for his service. Simple nice life with no cash and no papers.
Now… certificates, Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, the use-by date, a bunch of clerks looking over the millers' shoulder.
Well, but somehow I found a producer who buys my rye, he does whatever it takes to end up with flour in nice sacks."



                                  I wish you tasty bread.



Rye flour type 720 from Wojciech Cejrowski's rye: 

  • no spraying,
  • no fertilizers,
  • without additionals.

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