ROSACEA REPAIR Regenerating Face Serum with hesperidin 30 ml

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Visible redness reduction within 24h after application*

Effective serum with a very high concentration of active ingredients tested particularly on skin suffering from Rosacea and dilated capillaries problems.

Contains innovatively used in face skincare Hesperidin – a professional ingredient sealing capillaries and reducing inflammations.


Additionally, Centella Asiatica, Beta Glucan and Aloe Vera extract were used in this formulation due to their incredible anti-rosacea properties.

The serum supports and strengthens the action of the Day Cream and the Night Cream from the Rosacea Repair line.


86,7% of the participants of a test conducted in an independent laboratory confirm:

– the reduction of redness

– the strengthening of capillaries

– relief from swelling and itching

– decreased visibility of Rosacea marks

– soothing of the irritations

*Action of AvenacareTM oat beta glucan


How to use
Apply every morning to thoroughly cleansed face. Leave to absorb. Perfect as a make-up primer. Serum applied daily with the Rosacea Creams acts synergically, supporting the treatment effects.

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