ROSACEA REPAIR Advanced restoring cream with hesperidin. Active at night 50 ml



Redness reduction in up to 24h*

Exceptionally effective cream actively repairing the skin during sleep.

Contains hesperidin, a special ingredient, which has been thoroughly tested for its stunning properties considering reducing the visibility of capillaries and symptoms of rosacea.

It strengthens the blood vessels in the skin, improves blood circulation, acts anti-inflammatorily and anti- oxidative. It additionally helps restore the proper collagen structure – an important protein of the connective tissue.

Combined with Centella Asiatica extract, beta glucan and liquorice extract they provide:

  • Reduction of the first symptoms of rosacea
  • Decrease of the redness and the visibility of capillaries
  • Relief from itching and swelling
  • Improvement of skin’s immunity system and lowering the tendency to irritation.

*action of AvenacareTM oat beta glucan.


How to use

Use every evening on cleansed facial skin. Leave until absorbed. Before applying the cream, you can apply a serum from the Rosacea Repair series.

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